Stellher Program for Recovery

Chemical Health & Substance Abuse Services

Our team of professionals assist clients in developing balance in their lives. Program participants will learn more about substance abuse and dependence, recovery and relapse prevention.

They will gain understanding about attitudes and beliefs that create obstacles to recovery, learn self-management and communications skills, and often develop better relationships with people who are important to them.


The following services are offered by licensed professionals:

  • Co-occurring (MICD) outpatient treatment services; addressing mental health issues and substance use issues concurrently, with group and individual sessions.
  • Substance Use Assessment: Call to schedule a Comprehensive Assessment/Rule 25. With this assessment our team of experts can properly diagnose if you have a Substance Use Disorder and then recommend a level of care based on your specific and individual needs.
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs: Our professionals have the expertise to provide you with client-centered services based on your individual needs. There are multiple group and individual options available depending on your level of need, these include both in-person and virtual. Call for dates and times.
  • Treatment Coordination: We can assist you with the following:
    o Residential treatment placement
    o Scheduling Diagnostic Assessments, mental health services, and medical appointments
  • Steps to Freedom: We have treatment options to help inmates in the Beltrami County Jail. Steps to Freedom is a gender-specific substance use disorder program designed to help inmates recognize alcohol and drug issues and their influence on their lives.
  • Treatment Court: We support and are significantly involved in the Beltrami County DWI Court, the Beltrami County Drug Court and the Clearwater County DWI Court. We have expert team members that sit on the staff for these treatment courts, and we work closely with the Beltrami, Clearwater, Cass and Hubbard County Probation Offices to advocate for and support our clients.
  • Partnership with Tailwinds Re-Entry Program: Tailwinds is a non-profit organization that seeks to diminish recidivism through easing the transition of inmates into society. For information about the services Tailwinds offers, please visit:


Terri Buscher
SUD Coordinator

Amber Whelan
LADC, LGSW, Treatment/Program Director

Jill Lindholm

Leigh Torgerson

Donald Josefson

Trinity Bergeron
BS, LADC, LADC Supervisor

Our Mission
To help participants develop coping skills and identify their individual recovery process.

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