Early Childhood Mental Health Services

Toddler and mother playing with toys

We offer a variety of mental health services to our communities, including services for infants, children, teens, adults and families.

DC 0-5 Diagnostic Assessment

This is a comprehensive diagnostic assessment. It is intended to complement existing approaches to diagnostic classification of mental health and development of children ages 0-5 years. This typically requires at least one parent interview, child-parent observation and consultation with other professionals working with the child (pediatrician, counselor, teacher, daycare provider, etc.) Stellher's early childhood staff is trained in the DC: 0-5 and ECSII, as well as some providers having training in Trauma Informed Child Parent Psychotherapy.

Mental Health Consultant

Our agency provides mental health consultation to Head Start programs, teaching staff, students and families. Our staff assists with mental health referrals, classroom interventions and family consultation.