How We Help Parents

We can help parents of teens in a variety of ways. Here is a small sample of issues you could be experiencing as a parent:

  • Are you worried about your child for any reason?
  • Does your child seem depressed?
  • Has your child's appetite changed lately-not eating or eating too much?
  • Have your child’s sleeping habits changed drastically? Are they sleeping too much or not much at all?
  • Do you suspect your child is using drugs or alcohol?
  • Is your child’s anger out of control to the point you are afraid for your safety or his/her safety?
  • Is your child not following rules at home, are they physically acting out or are verbally abusive?
  • Is your child not coming home by curfew or not at all some nights?
  • Have you noticed your child is cutting on themselves (abnormal amount of scratches on their arms that they do not have an explanation for or one you question?)
  • Is your child truant from school, are they failing their classes or getting frequent suspensions?
  • Do you want help for your child but do not know what is available for him/her?
Mother and daughter embrace in a hug

Call our crisis line if you are concerned about your child for any reason. It is free. It is confidential.

Crisis Line: 800-422-0045

Our crisis line is staffed by youth and family counselors who have years of experience working with kids and families. You can call anytime and ask for advice or what services are available to help you and your family. The crisis line is available 24/7, 365 days a year including all holidays. You can call ANYTIME.

Call Now! 800-422-0045

What to Expect

Here is how it works when you call the crisis line:

  • A psychiatric nurse will take your number and name (this is confidential) and will page the on-call worker.
  • The worker will then contact you at the number you provided the nurse when you initially called.
  • The worker will listen and provide support, help you identify your needs and will make referrals for ongoing support if appropriate.
  • If necessary/requested, the worker can come to the home and provide emergency assistance and guide you through your conflict.