Becker County Mobile Crisis Response Mental Health Practitioner

Join our team at Stellher Human Services... making a positive difference in the lives of children and families. Stellher is a progressive mental health agency that has a long

history of providing excellent mental health services to our clients through home, school and community-based services.

Stellher Human Services is looking for an On-Call Mental Health Practitioner in our Becker County Mobile Crisis program.

The crisis response Practitioner will play a key role in assisting adults and/or youth and families through mental health crises, connecting them to services and resources, and providing stabilization services as needed. This position will consult with an MHP on each assessment and throughout stabilization. The ideal candidate will have a solid background in providing mental health services to youth and families. This is an on-call position.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct crisis assessments, an immediate face-to-face evaluation to identify; the need for emergency services, if the serious deviation from their baseline level of functioning is due to a mental health crisis or other emergency.
  • Determine the need for crisis intervention services, or referrals to other resources, based on crisis assessment.
  • Develop culturally appropriate crisis intervention treatment plans with clients and their families and update as necessary.
  • Provide crisis intervention; face-to-face, short-term intensive mental health services initiated during a mental health crisis to help the clients cope with immediate stressors, identify and utilize available resources and strengths, engage in voluntary treatment, and begin to return to the client’s baseline level of functioning.
  • Provide crisis stabilization; individualized mental health service provided to a client that is designed to restore the client to their prior functional level.
  • Assist youth and families with safety and crisis planning; a written plan to assist a client in preventing and addressing a potential crisis.
  • Follow up with families, inpatient facilities, and other placements to set up stabilization or assist with referrals.


  • Travel is a requirement of the position; valid driver’s license and ability to operate a motor vehicle are required.
  • Master’s degree preferred.
  • Minimum of one of the following:
  • Bachelor’s degree in one of the behavioral sciences or related fields and 2000 hours of experience in the delivery of services to recipients with mental illness or substance use disorder required.  or
  • Bachelor’s degree in one of the behavioral sciences or related fields and has completed an internship/practicum with direct interaction with adult or child clients. or
  • Has 4000 hours of work experience in the delivery of services to adults or children with a mental illness or substance abuse disorder

Send resume, cover letter and completed application to:
Stellher Human Services
Attn: Cindy Mudge, Human Resources
PO Box 430,
Bemidji MN 56619